Al-Musabaqah Grand Mosque of Subang in Karanganyar Village, Indonesia

Perhaps not many travelers are aware of the presence of Al-Musabaqah Grand Mosque in Subang Regency, Indonesia. This beautiful mosque is located in Karanganyar Village and has become one of the symbols of the Moslem society in such region. Not only it serves as the place for praying, the mosque has become an interesting tourist attraction these days. Tourists come to the mosque either to conduct photography and religious tour with their families. Some of them are also interested in its history, so they come to gather facts and information regarding the building. What is more?

The Nuance
Subang Regency owns several beautiful mosques and they come with an enormous size as well. However, Al-Musabaqah is considered the most famous one due to several reasons. For instance, it resides in the middle of Subang City, providing a great accessibility to tourists. It also becomes the icon of the city and resides near to the town square! In terms of appearance, it has undergone lots of improvements and offers a wide space. In the past, the mosque only has one color which is white, though.

Exploring the Grand Mosque 
Al-Musabaqah Mosque has become one of the witnesses of the occurrence of Islam in Subang Regency. No wonder, the mosque has a historical value that tourists can learn. What they need to do is to ask the tour guide or villagers regarding such history. When it comes to the influence of Islam in Subang, a person named Wangsa Ghofarma was the one behind it. He brought Islamic teachings to the region and died in Segalaherang Sub-District. Due to his role, the locals decided to use his name as the name of the street that resides in front of such grand mosque.

What about the history of Al-Musabaqah Mosque? According to the locals, the mosque was built in 1978 on an area of 10,000 meters per square. In terms of size, it is definitely grandiose and can accommodate up to 1000 people! In 1993, the regent decided to renovate and improve its facilities as well. No wonder, it turns into a beautiful building, which is worth a photo shoot as well. Here is the rule. Taking pictures of the exterior of the mosque is allowed. When it comes to the interior, tourists should get special permission first from the keeper.

Aside from learning the history of Al-Musabaqah Mosque and taking some pictures of the building, tourists can join regular activities like “Pesantren Ramadan”. However, they need to obtain permission from the keeper of the mosque and the committee first. One thing that they need to know is that the mosque becomes a prime place for worshipping. Thus, tourists should not disturb prayers and cause too much noise when visiting the site.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Al-Musabaqah Mosque and Subang City is only 1.8 km. That means tourists only need to spend about 8 minutes to get to the mosque. As for the route, they can choose Ukong Sutaatmaja – Sutoyo Siswomiharjo Street.

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