Goa Badak Waterfall in Sagalaherang Sub-District, Subang Regency - Indonesia

One of the most attractive waterfalls in Subang Regency is called Curug Goa Badak. The waterfall’ location is in Sukamandi Village and it belongs to Sagalaherang Sub-District, Indonesia. According to the locals, this waterfall is famous for its pristine environment and beautiful scenery of nature. This explains why lots of tourists choose it as the place for relaxation. Some others come to the site in order to conduct photography and exploration. Overall, they choose it as a good alternative for getting rid stresses and running away from daily routines.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, the most impressive feature of Goa Badak Waterfall is its pristine nuance. The environment is unspoiled and the atmosphere feels so cool there. When it comes to the current, it has a soft and moderate flow of water. Plus, a pond resides under the falls where tourists can enjoy bathing and playing water. The next interesting feature of the site is the presence of shady bamboo trees growing near to the waterfall. These trees provide extra beauty and comfort to the site, for sure. Thus, visitors won’t suffer from the heat of the sun even though they come at noon!

Exploring Goa Badak Waterfall
Here is the good thing. No keepers manage the site, so everyone can get to the location freely regardless of the time. However, they won’t find reliable facilities like toilets and eateries on the site. Instead, they can find natural attractions including Badak Cave! The presence of the cave also explains the history behind the name of the waterfall. “Goa” means cave in the Indonesian Language, after all. Thus, visitors should make sure to explore the site thoroughly for the best experience.

What is more? Aside from sightseeing, tourists also come to Goa Badak Waterfall in order to conduct photography. They are impressed with various interesting objects of the site, including the cave, rocks, crystal clear water, and unspoiled environment. Even the flow of the waterfall becomes a perfect background for photography. Not to mention the flow creates a small river below and it provides the place for bathing as well. Thus, everyone should consider carrying a camera when visiting Goa Badak Waterfall.

The next impressive feature of the waterfall is the presence of several stones that scatter in different parts of the site. Tourists can take advantage of those stones as a sitting place or foothold during photography. Still, these stones become quite slippery sometimes (especially during rainy season). In this case, visitors should wear proper footwear in order to avoid accidents.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Subang City Indonesia, they can simply head to Sagalaherang Sub-District by any local transportation service. Next, they only need to visit Sukamandi Village where the waterfall resides. The whole trip may take about an hour or more, as the distance is 30.5 km. As for the best route, it is Palasari Dua – Babakan Street.

Where to Stay

  • Tea Garden Hotel
  • Sari Ater Resort
  • Ciater Hotel
  • Diamond Hotel

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