Sri Bunihayu Village in Subang Regency, Indonesia

Subang Regency is known for its waterfalls and other natural attractions, no? However, tourists can find other allures of the region including tourist villages like Sri Bunihayu. It is as popular as Wangunharjo Village and both of them are located in the same area (Jalancagak Sub-District), in fact. So, what makes it different than its siblings? Not only it offers a modest way of living of the locals, the village becomes the home of many Durian trees! That means visitors can enjoy eating such exotic fruit while exploring the village.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Sri Bunihayu Village is surrounded by dense trees and beautiful plants. The villagers live in a modest way and they are quite friendly to visitors as well. Another impressive fact is that the village resides on 500-1700 meters above the sea level, providing a cool and comfy atmosphere to the site. Not to mention the air is fresh and the nuance is quite peaceful. The presence of traditional Sundanese houses makes the village more interesting, as well. What is more? As mentioned before, lots of Durian trees grow there. However, other fruit trees are also available including rambutan, banana, pineapples, longan, etc.

Exploring Sri Bunihayu Village
Once arriving at the village, tourists can watch daily routines done by villagers. That means they can learn such traditions while exploring the village. They can even take pictures freely as the villagers are quite open to visitors. As for foreigners, though, it is recommended to hire a local guide in order to communicate well with villagers. Despite the fee, this service is indeed helpful! He even tells some tips and information regarding the village.

The next thing to do in Sri Bunihayu Village is to join the activities done by villagers. These include arts and culture. Not to mention tourists can learn how to use traditional farming equipment called “Ngawuluku”. Have no worries. The locals would help everyone how to use them and explain the function well. Later, tourists can also learn the name and witness some rare local fruits like Kawista, Matoa, Somolo, and Gandaria. Despite the scarcity, all tourists have the chance to taste them during the visit.

The next allure of Sri Bunihayu Village is the presence of an amphitheater. Villagers use this open stage to perform numerous art and cultural attractions of Subang Regency, actually. Thus, make sure to come at the right time in order to watch those performances. As an alternative, other activities can be done on the village including tea walk, trekking, company outing, pre-wedding photo session, family gathering, etc.

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How to Get There
The distance between Subang City and Sri Bunihayu Village is 16.8 km. Thus, tourists only need to spend about 40 minutes to get to the location. They must reach Jalancagak Sub-District first, though. For a faster trip, the best route to choose is Raya Cijambe Street.

Where to Stay

  • Anugrah Hotel
  • Lembah Sarimas Hotel
  • Permata Sari Hotel
  • Abah Hotel

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