Cibareubeuy Waterfall in Subang Regency, Indonesia

Curug or waterfall becomes a good vacation destination for those visiting Subang Regency. One of them is located in Cibeusi Village, which is called Cibareubeuy Waterfall. It belongs to Ciater Sub-District and has become a good place for sightseeing and photography. Not to mention tourists can take advantage of the landscape to enjoy trekking and exploration! Overall, it would be a waste if travelers overlook this beautiful attraction when coming to Subang. The reason is that the site offers more than just a beauty of nature, but it also provides good nuance for relaxation.

The Nuance
Here is the best thing. Cibareubeuy Waterfall is located near to the famous Ciater Hot Spring! Thus, the access is easy so everyone can get to the site without hassles. In terms of size, it has the height of 40 meters! Unlike others, this waterfall has a unique flow of the water, which appears zigzag! As for the nuance, the waterfall is surrounded by lush and shady trees, especially bamboos. The locals even built a post on the top of some big trees for sightseeing and enjoying the scenery. This feature is indeed similar to that of Yogyakarta’s Kalibiru.

Exploring Cibareubeuy Waterfall
The most interesting attraction in Cibareubeuy Waterfall is none other than the unique flow of the water as mentioned before. Thus, such object becomes a perfect background for photography even though tourists can’t get too close to the waterfall due to the dangerous landscape. As an alternative, they can choose other objects as the background. These include the dense trees and mountain views. As for the tip, visitors should carry a camera and wear proper footwear to get around the site comfortably.

The next fun thing to do in Cibareubeuy Waterfall is to reach the viewing post located on the top of the trees. Have no worries. Everyone can get up there easily, as the keepers have installed the path. Once arriving at the top of the trees, tourists can witness surrounding scenery to their heart’s content! For more challenging activities, they can ride the swing that is installed on the tree. Despite the thrilling experience, it is both fun and safe so everyone can use the swing without worries.

Another reason why people visit Cibareubeuy Waterfall is definitely the trekking opportunity. Once tourists arrive at Cibeusi Village, they need to walk for about 2 km in order to get to the site. Despite the short trekking, it would give an interesting experience to everyone. Later, tourists can rest at the available gazebo and eat something at the small food stands. Thus, do not forget to carry some money when heading to the site.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Subang City, travelers can directly head to Ciater Sub-District by any local transportation service. Next, they only need to reach Cibeusi Village and visit the falls right away. The whole trip takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes as the distance is 30 km, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Pondok Panorama Hotel
  • Ciater Hotel
  • Gracia Spa Resort
  • Lembang Asri Resort

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