Tangkuban Perahu Crater in Subang Regency, Indonesia

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain becomes one of the most famous tourist sites in West Java Province, especially in Subang. Well, it is because the mountain offers more than just a local legend but also stunning craters to visit. The location is in Cicadas Village and it belongs to Sagalaherang Sub-District. In terms of territory, it shares Bandung, Lembang, and Subang itself! Thus, tourists who visit those regions should never forget to come to the mountain regardless of the purposes. Still, the best thing to do is photography! Taking pictures of those craters is both fun and challenging, after all.

The Nuance
In order to reach the craters of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, tourists should spend some time and energy indeed. However, it would be a fun trekking experience for everyone. Moreover, the rewards are wonderful up there. What about the size of the mountain? According to a reliable informant, it has the height of about 2084 meters above the sea level. Not to mention many craters reside there including Ratu, Domas, Upas, Jurig, Lanang, Siluman, etc. Due to the activity of the volcano, some of the craters are considered dangerous to visit.

Exploring Tangkuban Perahu Crater
The most famous crater of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain is called Ratu. In fact, it is the prime crater of the site and becomes the widest one. Have no worries. This one is safe for visitors, so tourists can even park their vehicle at the lip of the crater. The question is what people can do on the site. It is as simple as drinking coffee at nearby “warung” and taking pictures of the crater. Even some chairs are available for tourists to use there.

Apart from Ratu Crater, the next popular option is called Domas. It is the best choice when it comes to mud bathing! Visitors are allowed to get in the sulphureted mud and take advantage of its health benefits. Here is the thing. Tourists need to conduct trekking in order to get to this crater. Despite the tiredness, the reward is definitely satisfying. From the main gate of Domas Crater, they need to walk for about 1 km. The crater is located on the right side of the route, actually.

Overall, it is fun to explore all craters of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. The only consideration is that tourists must obey all rules and instructions given by the keepers. Also, it would be quite helpful if they decide to hire a tour guide to get around the site.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Subang City, they can take local transportation service and head to Sagalaherang Sub-District. Next, they need to visit Cicadas Village and get to the craters right away. This trip takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes as the distance is 34.3 km. As for the best route, it is Palasari Dua and Babakan Village. The trekking is tiring, so make sure to come with a good stamina.

Where to Stay

  • Cikole Jayagiri Resort
  • Lembang Asri Resort

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