Cimacan Dam in West Pegaden Sub-District, Subang Regency - Indonesia

It is, without a doubt, Subang Regency is known for its breathtaking waterfalls. However, other interesting attractions are available including Cimacan Dam of West Pegaden Sub-District. This place has become a good choice when it comes to witnessing Ciasem River and taking pictures of nearby scenery. Some locals even come to this place to enjoy bathing and playing water! Somehow, their presence becomes a unique attraction to tourists. In terms of function, the dam acts as the bridge, connecting Cikaum and West Pegaden Sub-District. In fact, this bridge is the only one that can accommodate motorcycles and cars!

The Nuance
Cimacan Dam is located in Gardu Village and it offers a serene nuance, including stunning views of nature. Despite the imperfect condition of the street, the nuance of the site is indeed impressive. In terms of size, the dam has the width of about 4 meters and it has the length of approximately 30 meters. When it comes to height, it is 20 meters. It is rare to see vehicles passing by the bridge, so visitors can walk and explore the dam comfortably. They need to be careful during the exploration, though.

Exploring Cimacan Dam
For visitors, they can do numerous things in Cimacan Dam. It is as simple as sightseeing and relaxation. That means tourists can stand either on the bridge or dam and witness beautiful scenery from those sites. Even the view of Ciasem River looks so majestic from there! It even becomes a good occasion to conduct photography! The only consideration is that they must come during good weather, so no rain or bad weathers disturb those activities.

Even though it is rare, some people come to Cimacan Dam to take a bath and swim in the river. These people are nearby villagers (even kids), actually. What about tourists? They can join the activity as long as they are good at swimming. Also, it is better to come with a villager who knows the condition of the river well. The purpose is to avoid misfortunes during swimming due to lacking experience and information regarding the landscape. The depth of the water is about 5 meters, so everyone needs to be careful.

For first-timers, they need to choose the best time to visit Cimacan Dam. According to the locals, the dam gets most visitors during the fasting month. It is because the locals want to spend the afternoon at the dam while waiting for the breaking time of the fasting. These people simply chat with each other and take good pictures together on the site. For tourists, they can join them and spend a good time as well.

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How to Get There
From Subang City, a trip to Cimacan Dam takes about 40 minutes as the distance is 13.2 km. First, tourists need to head to West Pegaden Sub-District and visit Gardu Village afterward. As for the route, the best one is Subang – Cidahu Street.

Where to Stay

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