Cisalada Waterfall in Subang Regency, Indonesia

It seems Subang Regency has tons of options when it comes to beautiful waterfalls. One of them is called Cisalada! It resides in Nagrak Village and belongs to Ciater Sub-District in Indonesia. Due to its refreshing water, people keep coming to the location to enjoy bathing and playing water. Some visitors also take advantage of the lush nuance of the site to enjoy exploration, in fact. What makes it different than others, though? Well, Cisalada is actually a private waterfall. The owner is the one who also owns a villa located near to the site.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Cisalada Waterfall is located in a peaceful and stunning location (surrounded by trees, rocks, and bushes. However, it is considered short despite the swift flow of the water. In front of the falls, tourists may find big stones on where they can sit and watch the waterfall from near! What is more? As mentioned earlier, there is a village located near to the falls! Despite the small size, it is rentable so visitors can spend a night or two with families there.

Exploring Cisalada Waterfall
The height of Cisalada Waterfall is only about 5 meters. Despite the small size, it emits a stunning and serene beauty. Other than that, it has an interesting history especially regarding the meaning of the name. Cisalada derives from “Selada” (lettuce). Why is that? According to the locals, there was a lettuce plantation located near to falls back then. The owners used the waterfall as the source of water for their lettuce farms, as well. No wonder, people named it that way despite lacking validity.

Here is the question. What can people do in Cisalada Waterfall? Well, visitors are likely to take pictures of the environment and enjoy selfies there. Have no worries. There is no fee to conduct photography, but visitors should pay the entrance fee in order to explore the waterfall. It is because the waterfall is managed by the owner of a nearby villa. Not to mention visitors should pay the parking fee, as well. Despite these expenses, tourists won’t regret coming to the site!

Aside from photography and sightseeing, tourists can rent the village and spend a wonderful holiday with their family. The facilities are nice, so it would be quite comfortable. What tourists need is only some money to pay such accommodation. Also, it is better to book the village beforehand as many people are likely to rent it during holidays or weekends.

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How to Get There
Those who come from Subang City Indonesia needs to spend about 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to Cisalada Waterfall. It is because the distance is 29.1 km and they need to take Raya Cijambe Street for a faster trip. The first destination is Ciater Sub-District and the next one is Nagrak Village where the waterfall resides.

Where to Stay

  • Ciater Hotel
  • Gracia Spa Resort
  • Sari Ater Hotel
  • Puspa Sari Hotel

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