Masigit Waterfall in Subang Regency, Indonesia

Many beautiful waterfalls reside on Subang Regency and one of them is called Masigit. It is located in Pasanggrahan Village and belongs to Kasomalang Sub-District. Not to mention it resides on a highland, which is about 500 meters above the sea level. Even though it has not become an official tourist yet, people keep coming to the site! It is because they want to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the waterfall and conduct photography. For outsiders or tourists, though, it requires the help of a local guide to reach the location. Not to mention it takes coordination first with the locals, especially regarding the direction.

The Nuance
The distance between Masigit Waterfall and the main street of Kasomalang is only 4 km. That means it has an easy access, so it takes no time to get to the site. In terms of nuance, it offers serene ambiance and cool atmosphere. Thanks to the fresh air of the mountain. The site becomes a good place to relax and get rid of stresses! When it comes to characteristics, the waterfall has 3 levels and 4 ponds (with different depth). Taking a bath is possible as long as tourists do it carefully. Another feature is the presence of big rocks that scatter around the falls!

Exploring Masigit Waterfall
Once tourists arrive at Masigit Waterfall, they would be astonished by the beautiful blue water of the ponds located below the falls. It is so alluring that everyone is likely to get in the water right away. As mentioned before, there are four ponds on the site coming with different depth. All of them are safe, but tourists should be sure with their swimming ability before getting in those ponds.

The next allure of Masigit Waterfall is the unique color of the water. If tourists watch the falls from above, they may see white color of the water. However, it becomes Tosca green if they see it front beneath the falls. No one knows why there is such variation, though. Due to such uniqueness, therefore, tourists should use their camera and take some pictures during the visit. Have no worries. It is free to use a camera on the site.

Another fun thing to do in Masigit Waterfall is exploration. Thanks to interesting landscape and stunning nature. The site becomes a nice place to conduct an adventure and trekking. Even the locals often visit the location to enjoy fishing in the afternoon! Tourists can join such activity, as long as they carry a fishing rod, in fact. Later, before going home, they can drop by in the nearby famous natural spring called Cimincul.

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How to Get There
From Subang City, tourists can directly head to Kasomalang Sub-District and visit Pasanggrahan Village afterward. The distance is 29.2 km, so the trip may take about 1 hour and 20 minutes. As for the route, they can take advantage of Tembak Mekar – Kaso Malang Street. The waterfall resides near to both Kasomalang Market and Cimincul Spring, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Anugrah Hotel
  • Marbella Twin Resort
  • Tea Garden Resort
  • Diamond Hotel
  • Sari Ater Resort
  • Sari Alam Hotel

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