Pondok Bali Beach in Subang Regency, Indonesia

Each traveler has a different preference when it comes to a vacation and family recreation. Well, most of them, want to have a comfortable holiday on a beautiful beach like Pondok Bali! The location is in Mayangan Village and it belongs to Legonkulon Sub-District in Indonesia. People love to come to the location due to its beauty and serene atmosphere. Despite abrasion, the government keeps improving the facilities and accommodations there. Thus, visitors can enjoy a sunset and a wonderful family recreation with a peaceful manner. There is no reason to overlook such beauty, after all.

The Nuance
The most noticeable characteristic of Pondok Bali Beach is the overlay of soft-textured white sand. Also, the road is located near to the coastline! That means visitors can simply park their vehicle near to the site and explore the beach comfortably. The next interesting feature is the presence of coconut trees, scattered in different locations of the area. Near to these trees, tourists may find several eateries and toilets. Also, some gazebos reside there (used for relaxation and sightseeing). When it comes to the sea, the waves are considered strong and the wind is quite swift.

Exploring Pondok Bali Beach
It is, without a doubt, people come to Pondok Bali Beach to witness the stunning white sand of the coast. They are likely to enjoy beach walking while witnessing the flawless of the beauty of the sea! Plus, the warm breezy wind welcomes them once they get to the location. As an alternative, they can use the gazebos for relaxing and sightseeing. It becomes merrier if they come with friends or families and eat lunch together there.

Aside from family recreation, the beach is suitable for numerous types of fun activities including swimming. Despite the strong waves, tourists can enjoy such activity safely (as long as they are sure with their swimming skills). What about those who can’t swim? Have no worries. The beach has some good fishing spots! One thing, they must have prepared a fishing rod and other requirements beforehand. If not, they can get it from available rental services. As for the fishing spots, they can either explore the side of the coastline or ride a boat and conduct fishing further ahead.

For visitors, they at least need to know the history the site. The name means “the house of Wali”, actually. It is said those holy men dropped by at the beach for resting during their journey. The locals named it based on such even, therefore. What is more? Pondok Bali Beach is known for its majestic sunset! It has a similar beauty to that of Bali’s beaches, in fact. Such romantic nuance definitely attracts newly-weds and young couples who want to create a good memory with their lover.

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How to Get There
The distance between Subang City Indonesia and Pondok Bali Beach is 48.5 km. That means the trip may take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to the site. First, tourists need to head to Legonkulon Sub-District. Later, they can simply visit Mayangan Village before getting to the beach afterward. As for the route, make sure to take Subang Pamanukan Street.

Where to Stay

  • Panorama Hotel
  • Domestik Hotel
  • Makaroni Hotel
  • Boas Hotel
  • Darma Wisata Inn
  • Paris Day Hotel

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